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Omakase Unveiled: The Dark Mystique of Sushi

The golden age of taste and texture has invited guests – yet again – to transcend beyond the plates of traditional dining with sushi in Chicago (and a side of mystery). Dining in the dark, the Sushi By Bou omakase way, is moving beyond sight and eating with one’s eyes. It’s simple – an utter embrace of the heightened sense of taste, smell, touch, and sound – yet so profound. 

Awaken your curiosity and explore food in a new way. Sushi By Bou’s dining in the dark, nurtures its desire to foster trust between the key four (not two or even three) – the Taisho (sushi master), the taster, the tactile, and the tasted. The bold fusion of omakase sushi is writing another chapter. So, an avant-garde culinary adventure must then be inevitable. Intrigued?

Lights Off, Omakase Sushi On

Beyond the Plate: Sensory Revelations in Omakase Darkness

So, what’s for dinner? A continuation of its curated, extravagant pursuit to bring new life to a traditional art form – omakase – this sushi restaurant does what Sushi By Bou does best. 

Courses shrouded in mystery, yet with complete trust in your chef for the night. Like any other Sushi By Bou omakase experience, each dish is a display of the freshest, high-quality, seasonal ingredients and the finest fish – right from Japan. The difference? A unique introduction to food that opens diners up to new culinary revelations.

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Dine in the Dark at Sushi By Bou, Gold Coast