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Sushi By Bou Lincoln Park

Tucked away inside Hotel Lincoln, located in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago, Sushi By Bou features a 12 course Sushi Omakase focusing on the freshest and highest quality fish available. Our expert Sushi Chefs will guide you through a timed experience, one piece at a time, in a laid back and fun atmosphere that is perfect for any occasion. Enjoy our extensive selection of Japanese spirits, craft cocktails, and imported sake in our Whiskey Library, open to all guests, before or after your meal.

The Best Way to Enjoy Omakase in Lincoln Park

When enjoying a meal at our Omakase restaurant in Lincoln Park, it’s important to take your time. Savor every bite and pause between dishes to appreciate the flavors of the last one.

At an Omakase restaurant, customers are able to enjoy a personalized meal prepared by the chef at their own table. The chefs create dishes that are tailored to each individual’s tastes, allowing customers to enjoy something unique and special. Furthermore, the chefs will often explain why they chose certain ingredients or techniques when preparing the food. Ask the chef questions about the menu and ingredients.

Our Omakase restaurant in Lincoln Park offers an unparalleled dining experience for those who want to explore Japanese cuisine in depth. By getting up close and personal with the chef, customers can learn about Japanese culture and traditional cooking techniques while enjoying a delicious meal.