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NOT VALID Fridays & Saturdays

Step inside Suite 202 at Hotel Lincoln and you’ll be enveloped in intimacy. Chicagoans and Chicago visitors alike will love the cozy (500 square foot) space with warm wood millwork and the jewel tones of the velvet furniture giving it a touch of Japanese flair. A 6-seat cocktail bar is cast in stone and finished with a solid wood top. The main lounge seating area is set up just like a living room, with plenty of small side tables for drinks and cushioned ottomans for flexible seating all bathed in beautiful cask of chandelier light. The main attraction, the 6-seat sushi bar is tucked into the back of the suite where the bed once was. It is at that sushi bar you will experience a 17-course 60-minute omakase sushi dining extravaganza. Book your seats to watch our chefs create sushi masterpieces in front of Chicago’s only in-suite omakase audience.

The Best Way to Enjoy Omakase in Chicago

Omakase is a traditional Japanese dining experience that is becoming increasingly popular around the world. In essence, it is a chef-selected menu created from the freshest, seasonal ingredients available. The best way to experience Omakase in Chicago is to start with a clean palate and an open mind.

Begin by allowing yourself to be guided by the chef. Let them suggest dishes, flavors, and ingredients that they believe will be best suited to your tastes. Savor the presentation of the meal and the careful attention to detail. Notice the subtle nuances of the flavors, textures, and aromas.

When it’s time for dessert, select something with subtle sweetness. Take-in the visual beauty of the presentation as well as the flavor and relish the unique Japanese dining experience at our Omakase restaurant in Chicago.