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All About Sake: Your Go-To Guide

Sake – pronounced “sah-keh” – is a rice wine known for its broad flavor profile, with many variations to try. It is generally slightly sweet, incorporating notes of umami richness. Since it’s a relatively light and easy drink, it’s the perfect sophisticated match to a sushi night out.

From its deep Japanese roots, sake has branched effortlessly into Western drinks and dishes. Right on the cutting edge of culinary trends, it’s crossed the Pacific Ocean in a big way. For those who have never tried it, an open mind is the only requirement.

Liquor, Wine, or Beer: What Is Sake?

Pouring out onto the global scene, sake is a sip-and-savor-worthy beverage category all on its own. It’s made from rice, water, koji (rice mold), and yeast – similar to beer brewing, the process begins with starches converting into sugars, which ferment into alcohol. As sake has grown popular internationally, it has added delicate notes of age-old Japanese refreshments to wine lists, bottle shelves, and cocktails worldwide. In terms of taste, this beverage is similar to white wine in that it has a variety of fruity notes and pairs exceptionally well with fish, but it has its own distinctive smooth sharpness. An enlivening drink on its own, sake cocktails have stirred new possibilities into modern restaurants and bars, bursting with smooth, versatile flavor profiles. Explore an elaborate sake menu with signature imported drinks to toast every occasion at Sushi By Bou.

One of the World’s Healthiest Beverages

In Japan, the saying goes, “You know good sake in the morning.” More robust than wine and lighter than liquor, it usually has an alcohol content between 15-17%. Given this potency, this is a beverage that’s best savored in small quantities. Despite its light profile, sake packs a punch. Still, it’s slightly different from the alcohol most of us know. The beverage is sulfite-free and gluten-free, and premium options contain almost no congeners – the impurities and byproducts of fermentation in alcoholic drinks thought to cause an unpleasant morning after. So, is sake healthier? As a smooth and easy drink, its low acidity is easy on refluxes and sour stomachs. It also contains the most amino acids of any alcoholic beverage, with over a hundred nutrients. That fact may provide the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a visit to a restaurant for sake and sushi.

The Perfect Food Pairing

It’s said that “nihonshu wa ryori wo erabanai,” or “sake doesn’t get into fights with food.” Pairing this drink with food can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to the sake scene. But you’ll soon discover all of the delicious potential it holds – especially at Sushi By Bou, as they guide you through the intricate flavors of Japanese cuisine.

Sake is your introduction to a new way of dining, drinking, and even cooking. It accompanies most food around the world comfortably, enjoyed as a drink or in your dishes. Just take the o-toro’s fatty richness, contrasted with our Ginger Highball, for a fresh ginger and yuzu revelation that balances the flavors of this fine fish. Or the Gindara – miso cod – paired with our Old Fashioned Pearl cocktail. Experience complex bourbon notes with the roasted barley syrup, which unlocks the miso cod’s depth of taste.

Say it With Sake At Sushi By Bou

Described by many as a refreshing drinking experience, at Sushi By Bou, sake is also available by the bottle. Pair your meal with the sweet yet refined nodes of the Flight to Heaven, available in three different flavors, offering a balanced sipping journey to savor. An omakase menu is not the same without sake. It’s as much about experience as it is about taste. When mindfully paired with our sushi, this beverage unlocks new dimensions of flavor. Indulging in its possibilities, the Sushi By Bou bar boasts a selection of thoughtfully crafted sake drinks sure to please even the uninitiated. A new experience awaits at Sushi by Bou. Explore our menu and make a reservation today.